Praise for White Knuckle
"White Knuckle is an intense and gritty collection of rousing poetry."
— Thomas Anderson, Literary Titan

"One of the most authentic autobiographies told in verse."
— Steve Quade, Indies Today

"These are vital poems rooted in personal experience
but which reach out into common ground."
Bob Beagrie, Ek Zuban

"This is a landmark debut book from Steven Bruce."
— Andy Willoughby, Ek Zuban

"White Knuckle is an overwhelmingly good collection.
The use of enjambment here is impeccable, giving the entire collection a cadence akin to that of a march through the author's own personal underworld."
Owen Green, The Book Nook Review

"There are experiences in poetry to which you become a witness.
And it is essential that there be witnesses."
Helena Nelson, The Sphinx Review

"Steven Bruce's poetry is intelligent, sharp, and demands to be heard."
Mandy Maxwell, The Stanza

"This is a very powerful and inspiring book that will touch the hearts of a lot of readers."
Ria Kataria, The Online Book Club

"This is an in-depth essay unravelling through complex human emotions.
Their beauty lies in their unadulterated voice."
Amina Thajudeen, The Ultimate Reviewer

"The true power of poetry is sharing the struggles of life and this book drives that home."
Rob Alex, Book Promotion Club

"I found the emotional depth of this book on par with some of Wordsworth's poems, such as Michael, where tragedy unfolds as a full story through the use of crafted verse."
— Darla Hogan, Goodreads

"I felt this in my soul. Truly a masterpiece."
Ray, Amazon

"A powerful collection of poems. Bruce is a true master of imagery, emotion and words in his vivid, harrowing descriptions of his life."
— Jackson Simiana, Goodreads

"This is one of the most raw, honest, and overall best poetry collections I have ever read."
Poa Vilchis, Goodreads

"Such a powerful and heavy-hitting collection of poems."
Adam Gary, Youtube

"Haunting, powerful, and potent."
Anita Horan, Author and Activist

"Beautifully and economically written without a single unnecessary word."
B.C. Derbyshire, Amazon

"Steven Bruce does what so many of us shy away from doing: he peels away his layers, sheds any hint of deception and opens his veins to bleed his truth on the page through his poetry.
Wonderful collection!"
Angela, Goodreads

"You don't only read these poems - you feel them reaching into the pit of your stomach."
Dave Talbot, Goodreads

"This should be required reading in every senior school. A story of inspiration for young people."
Pat Backley, Goodreads

"I have been waiting for a collection like this for some time. Substance over style. Something that isn't pretentious. Something that feeds the soul."
Sophie Lewis, Goodreads

"An unbelievable collection. Not to be missed!"
Arlene Lomazoff-Marron, Amazon

"These are unpretentious and vivid poems that are truly effective and will make you feel alive
and more human."
Simon Herring, Goodreads

"The writing is profound, ruminating, full of suffocating feelings. You can feel the writer's emotions pouring out onto the page."
Linda Vesterlund, Goodreads

"A testimonial to having survived an abusive childhood. Buy the book you won't be sorry."
— Jane, Amazon

"This is raw but this is real, this is the kind of writing you grow from."
Cece Barnes, Goodreads

"I will guarantee that once you start it you will want to finish it in one read. Highly recommended."
— Sam Thompson, Amazon

"This collection by Steven Bruce is raw, brutal, and pulls no punches."
Carrie-Anne, Goodreads

"After reading the book I felt so emotional that it took me a couple of days
to think about how to convey how I felt."
— Rebecca, Amazon

"The acute distress and desperation contained in these pages are channeled honestly and boldly by a true survivor."
Joe Clements, Goodreads

"The author is so talented with his words."
— Carina Aranina, Goodreads

"An intimate, harsh, and utterly raw depiction of growing up around poverty,
abuse, and addiction."
— N.P. Hunt, Amazon