Saturn Devouring His Son, Francisco Goya, 1823

Pinturas Negras

La Quinta del Sordo

Ground floor:
Doña Leocardia Weiss stares out in sorrow.
Witches chant to the great he-goat silhouette.
Saturn sweats in the blood of his children.
Judith hacks off Holofernes' lust-ridden head.
Pilgrims drink and sing towards San Isidro.
Chronos relies on a wooden walking-stick.
Decrepit mouths slurp soup from a spoon.

First floor:
Atropos hovers high with her death scissors.
Men beat each other mercilessly with cudgels.
People gather to discuss a newspaper article.
Hags guffaw at a simpleton masturbating.
Priests parade to the Fountain of San Isidro.
Soldiers point rifles at running refugees.
A dog, buried up to his neck, howls to God.

Goya’s throes of agony.

This piece is in response to Francisco Goya's Black Paintings.