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Steven Bruce is an English author and writer. His poetry and short stories have featured in various magazines and anthologies in the UK and America. In 2018, he graduated from Teesside University with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. His latest chapbook The Black Poems (Hunting Raven Press) is now available from bookshops in Madrid, Rome, Florence, Pisa, and Paris.

There are experiences in poetry to which you become a witness.
Helena Nelson, The Sphinx Review

Steven Bruce writes with a surgeon's knife rather than a pen.
Bob Beagrie, Author and Tutor

A creative and inventive writer. He has a knack for drawing you into a story.
Stephanie J Bardy, Chief Editor, The World of Myth Magazine

Steven Bruce's poetry is intelligent, sharp, and demands to be heard.
Mandy Maxwell, The Stanza

Street Gum

The stars have beaten
dusk out of town,

and I am alone with a hot
bottle of vodka,

watching the full moon
from the cracks

of the pavement.
It looks like I feel,

chewed up,
spat out,

trampled flat
like street gum.