Steven Bruce Writer

Steven Bruce is a British poet, writer, and author of White Knuckle. His poetry and short stories have featured in various magazines and anthologies around the world. In 2018, he graduated from Teesside University with a Master's Degree in Creative Writing.

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White knuckle is a concise exposé of a severe childhood experience.

This debut poetry collection is brutal, tragic, and moving: an essential read.

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"An overwhelmingly good collection. The use of enjambment
here is impeccable, giving the entire collection a cadence
akin to that of a march through the author’s own
personal underworld."
Owen Green, The Book Nook Review

"This is a very powerful and inspiring book that will touch
the hearts of a lot of readers."
Ria Kataria, The Online Book Club

"This is an in-depth essay unravelling through complex human
emotions. Their beauty lies in their unadulterated voice."
Amina Thajudeen, The Ultimate Reviewer

"The true power of poetry is sharing the struggles of life
and this book drives that home."
Rob Alex, Book Promotion Club

Street Gum

The stars have beaten
dusk out of town.

I am alone with a hot
bottle of vodka,

watching the full moon
from the cracks

of the pavement.
It looks how I feel,

chewed up,
spat out,

trampled flat
like street gum.