Steven Bruce is the author of Thrown Up and co-author of Dark Matter 8. His work has featured in Picaroon Poetry, Building Bridges, No Tribal Dance, Forword, Lonesome October Lit, and the Black Light Engine Room Literary Magazine. He has read at many live events including the Stanza, Crossing the Tees Book Festival, and the Electric Kool-Aid Cabaret.

Steven Bruce writes with a surgeon's knife rather than a pen.
Bob Beagrie, Lecturer and Poet

Steven Bruce's poetry is intelligent, sharp, and demands to be heard.
Mandy Maxwell, The Stanza

Welcome To The Den

Hello, guest, thanks for stopping by.

I'm Steven, a Teesside based writer, author of Thrown up, and co-author of Dark Matter 8. My work has featured in anthologies, several magazines, and also translated into Polish.

Currently, I'm working on my dissertation for a Master's Degree in Creative Writing. Of course, I'm sure to pass. Some people would say that's a little presumptuous of me, even borderline arrogant. And to those people I say, fuck off.

If you don't believe in yourself, why should anyone else?

Some of my favourite authors include Anton Chekhov, Charles Bukowski, Ernest Hemingway, and Raymond Carver.

My dislike list is too long to mention. But, I'll say that conceptual art and spoken word/advert poetry is on that list somewhere. And on the note of adverts. I, Steven Bruce, do swear that I will keep this site advert free. So help me oh ambiguous supreme being.

Now, the reason for the Den is to share with you what I've found has helped me improve as a writer. 

Whether it's a small tip (not a euphemism), lessons I've learned, informative articles, inspirational works, or books on writing.

Above all else, I will provoke inspiration.

And speaking of inspiration, at the bottom of this post there are three free writing prompts, so be sure to check them out.

The artwork for this post came courtesy of Jusinska Art.

Finally, I would love to hear from you. Leave your feedback in the comment section or send me a message (click the little speech bubble to the right).

Thanks for your time.

Three Free Writing Prompts

1. Write about a dangerous friendship.
2. Write about what scares you the most.
3. Write something inspired by a photograph.